How to use Amazon EC2 Passware Kit Agent

Step-by-step instructions on using Passware Kit with Amazon Cloud.

Passware Kit Enterprise and Passware Kit Forensic utilize Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) a highly scalable cloud computing platform for accelerated password recovery.

You will have to follow these instructions once to set up your own Amazon instance. After you set it up, you will not have to repeat these instructions to launch the instance in the future.

1. Type "" in the address bar of your browser. Log in to your Amazon account. The following page appears:


2. Choose the “EC2” subcategory in “Compute & Networking” to proceed further. Below is a sample page for setting up the instances:


Change your region to "US East N.Virginia" on the top right black panel as shown below and then click the “Launch Instance” button:



3. The following page appears. Click "Community AMIs" on the left panel. Then type “Passware Kit Agent” in the “Search” field and click the “Select” button.


4. On the “Step 2” page, choose "Filter by: GPU instances". Then choose the preferred instance type: “g2.2xlarge” (one Nvidia GPU GRID K520) or “g2.8xlarge” (four Nvidia GPUs GRID K520) as displayed below:


Click "Next: Configure Instance Details".


5. On the “Step 3” page, choose the following options:

*  Network: Launch into EC2-Classic

* Advanced Details -> User data: ANSI-password for the Agent (if not specified, anyone can use the Agent)



Click the "6. Configure Security Group" page link on the top of the screen skipping pages 4 and 5.


6. On the “Step 6” page, type a name for your new group in the "Security group name" field, e.g. “passware-kit-agent”, or use the existing one. The "Description" field is optional.

In the following "Security group rules" table choose "UDP" protocol, type “10555” in the “Port Range” field, and change its "Source" settings to "Anywhere". Then click the "Review and Launch" button. These settings are displayed on the screenshot below.



Click the “Review and Launch” button.



7. On the “Step 7” page, click the “Launch” button:


Choose "Proceed without a key pair", check the “I acknowledge” checkbox and click the "Launch Instances" button as displayed below:



8. Make sure the instance is launched by clicking the instance link, e.g. “i-9b45303b” in our example:



9. Make sure the “Instance State” for the chosen instance is "running". Copy the "Public IP" value as highlighted below:


10. Launch Passware Kit. On the “Tools | Options | Network” tab, click the “Enable Password Recovery on Amazon EC2” checkbox, paste the “Public IP” value and the password set at step 4 as displayed below:


11. Start the password recovery process with the Passware Kit:



Make sure that the “Log” tab has a “PK-AMAZON-AGENT” record. Please note that the connection may take several minutes, so you may see the "Failed to connect..." message at the start. In this case, re-start the password recovery process in a few minutes.


  Warning.pngN.B.: Note that after the instance is launched, you are charged by Amazon. Make sure to stop the instance after the password is recovered or when  you no longer need the Amazon Agent running.



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