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Yana Gourenko Jun 13 Passware Says / Announcements

What’s New

  • Password recovery for iWork documents
  • FileVault2 decryption using iCloud recovery key
  • iCloud token acquisition from standalone systems
  • Distributed Password Recovery improvements

Passware Kit 2016 v.3


Password recovery for iWork documents

Passware Kit now recovers passwords for iWork documents. Password recovery is accelerated with NVIDIA and AMD GPU cards reaching the speed of 380,000 passwords per second on a single GPU. Available in: all editions

FileVault2 decryption using iCloud recovery key

Passware Kit extracts FileVault2 recovery key from iCloud using either authentication token or iCloud credentials. This allows instant decryption of FileVault2 even if the volume password is unknown. Available in: Passware Kit Forensic

iCloud token acquisition from standalone systems

Passware Kit enables iCloud authentication token extraction from computer images. Available in: Passware Kit Forensic

Distributed Password Recovery improvements

Improved performance for distributed password recovery for RAR, KeePass and OpenOffice. PGP GPU acceleration for passwords with Unicode (non-ASCII) characters. Available in: Passware Kit ForensicPassware Kit Business

Yana Gourenko May 8, 2014 Passware Says / FAQ

How can I transfer Passware product to another PC?

You can copy the installation file (.msi) for our software on any removable device and install the product on your other PC using the same product key. If you no longer have the installation file or the product key, fill out this form and we will resend the information to you.